Saturday, August 16, 2008

In Summary

I found out a few Thursdays ago that we were leaving for Idaho in less-than-24 hours. We attempted to pack the van, then ended up re-packing and sending an additional three boxes to Idaho. We stopped at a hotel, then with friends, then with the husband's family. We arrived, at long last, on a Monday (the fourth...I think). The mother-in-law flew in later that week, and left two days ago. I have not had time to catch my breath, or even to try to process that my husband and I will be a world apart very shortly. Of course, have also not had time to contemplate how Violet will react when he does not return within the week. Am dreading this. Immensely. I also still have many moving-related tasks to complete, such as notifying appropriate agencies (the bank, for starters) that I have moved. More wine. NOW. Will write more when the mythical thing called "time" decides to grace me with its presence. If I'm not a total wreck by then.