Monday, September 29, 2008

Spider Woman

Appropriately (or not), I was watching “Miss Spider’s Sunny Patch Friends” as I called pest management companies this morning. The national estimate for year-round spider control was $630: through a local company, the estimate for similar service was $425. These pest management places sure make a killing (HA! I kill me!). I was surfing the Web (the web? Get it??), and it seems there are several steps we can take to prevent the black widows in the shed and greenhouse from infiltrating our home. So Mom and I are going to put on makeshift chem. gear, clean out the offending areas, and spray the hell out of them. I admit that I might take a certain satisfaction out of destroying the little MFers myself. I also admit that the prospect of going into the outbuildings and locating the critters makes me want to wet myself. Or perhaps I could crawl into a cocoon of denial and just avoid the yard altogether…

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Dot dot dot

I thought I would consolidate my three blogs after purchasing my own domain name. Naturally, after I bought said domain name, I discovered that there was an error associated with such recent purchases. This issue has persisted for a few weeks, and I admit that I'm getting quite frustrated. At any rate, I will start to update this blog more regularly once the kinks are worked out. In the meantime, here is a fun little distraction...

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